Your Product Strategy

We are connected, we are equipped, to help your business scale faster. 

Our focus is purely on healthcare technology. We have over 20 years experience, building not only technology, but solid relationships in the healthcare industry.

Great ideas can only go so far without adequate service and product distribution.

Typically the healthcare sales cycle can be very slow, but this certainly depends on the product or service you are offering.To be able to tell the difference between a lack of market opportunity or an inferior product can be challenging for startups.

What we offer

Rapid Technical Development

We implement a rigorous approach to product technical development. We can translate your ideas to a minimally viable, sellable product within 6 weeks.

Distribution Strategy

We help you to understand the healthcare marketplace and your options for leveraged or direct to consumer distribution.

Compelling Narrative Development

We help you develop your product narrative, storyboard, so you can explain clearly what problem you are solving and why a customer should use your solution.

You have worked too hard on a great idea to fail with a poor strategy.


How do I price it?

This is a complex issue. We can help you sort thru your options and provide market insights to your competition.

Who am i selling to?

You may have a great idea to whom your end user is, but who are you really selling? We can help. 

How do i scale faster

Leveraged distribution strategies can work very well for some products. We can help you understand whether its a good option for you. 

How do I keep up

We channel great relationships with cloud service providers to assist you with support. We can help you create an account management strategy.

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