These are the five biggest consulting job opportunities to keep your eyes on, in the next five years. I will be doing a webinar covering these 5 areas of change..

Pharmacy is in a massive, spin cycle, of change. Change is not always a bad thing. In fact, I have always viewed change as a great opportunity in the marketplace. Being comfortable is the worst mistake one can make, because our circumstances in this profession can change over night.

With all of the change going on, leaders, experts, advisors, will emerge. I believe that these 5 specific areas of Technology, Specialty Pharmacy, Digital Therapeutics, CBD/Medicinal Marijuana, and Government Regulation will be WINNING areas to put your time into learning, and responding as the market looks for expertise.

If you have ever had a desire to try Industry Consulting, or are already a Consultant, I’d like to invite you to a webinar I am doing that will tell you WHY I believe these 5 areas are so key, and how you might go about learning more about each of these areas. I’ll break down the projected financial impact of these 5 key areas of consulting opportunity, the types of companies that will be looking for expertise in these areas, learning opportunities to refine your knowledge, and what you can do to start “priming the pump” if you will, to set yourself apart as an authority on these topics.

Again, message me on LinkedIn if you have interest in joining the Webinar



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