If you’ve already read my speel on the One Big Thing that makes good 340B programs great, you’ll understand more how this post applies to the same concept of Diving Deep into your program.

So why is the Prescriber List such an important element of your 340B program?

Here are a couple ways in which you may be getting the prescriber list wrong.

The Doctor List

340B third-party admins often want you to tell them 1) which providers qualify for your program and 2) whether they are permanently providing care at ONLY your location, or at other locations (Floater).

Seems straightforward, but this can often be very confusing.

The thing that people tend to forget, is that it is not merely a matter of getting this classification “right” per se. It is actually a matter of how you use the list, on a day-to-day basis to maximize your program.

Let’s get absolutely clear first though on what the difference is between a Floater and an Excludive Provider.

What is a Floater Provider

Exclusive Providers “should” make up the majority of your program revenue opportunity. They see the majority of patient and therefore should write the majority of prescriptions.

Floaters, (Non-Exclusive Providers), should make up the minority of your program. As a whole though, Floater contributions can be very sizable for your overall revenue.

What happens, though, if you start to analyze more carefully, your Floater provider prescriptions? When I say analyze, what I really mean is AUDIT Floater provider prescriptions against your EHR.

Audit, Audit, Audit!

The result may actually surprise you. You may find that Floater provider prescriptions are not qualifying. Why?

Because 340B software is imperfect and depends on great HUMAN processes to fill gaps in POOR DATA and software design.

Let me call that out for you again!

340B software is imperfect and depends on great HUMAN processes to fill gaps in POOR DATA and software design.

If you don’t believe me, check out the section on ICD10 matching flaws as just one example of the problems in 340B software.

The goal is to collect as many qualified prescriptions as possible, with the least amount of daily interruption.

You have to, of course, make sure you are  re-quailifying prescriptions compliantly. A lot of organizations have reservations about working outside of the 340B software to build up their programs and capture more prescriptions.

If that is you, and you struggle to understand compliance, I’d recommend you check out a few more of the articles here that address compliance specifically.


There are lots of ways in which to grow your 340B program. In fact, I liken it to mining for EHR gold!

Here are a few other ways in which you might be missing opportunities in your 340B program. Feel free to check out these posts and leave me a comment if you’d like.

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  • Adding Specialty Pharmacies to my Network
  • Adding new Contract Pharmacies to my Network
  • Adding Orphan 340B “like-pricing” to my 340B Program




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