Solving Complex Healthcare Technology Problems

RxTrail has a proven track record of implementing, integrating, and creating pharmacy business applications that meet the needs of technology companies, healthcare organizations, and the pharmacy industry.

Our Team

RxTrail’s technical development team consists of an advisory board, two product architects and over 70 developers, via our development partnership in Austin Texas.

Build, Measure, Learn

RxTrail follows a rigorous process for all of its software development projects. Build, Measure, Learn, is an agile, iterative cycle of product develop that enables our company to rapidly build a product feature, test and measure its outcome with real customers, and learn and improve the product.

Electronic Medical Records

Organizations trust our company to provide consulting expertise for EMR conversions, product integrations, and automation.

Our Technical Stack

We are experts in Cloud Service technology, including Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, and leverage these platforms for all of our projects. We hold data security tantamount, and therefore all of our products are secured via zero trust application policies, multi-factor authentication, and proactive vulnerability assessment.


Not every application or process can be solved with relational database architecture, and therefore we apply NoSQL strategies, where it makes sense in our applications. We utilize MongoDB and Azure CosmosDb for NoSQL requirements, and MySQL and MS SQL Server for our relational database needs.


Integrations Made Easy

Integrating systems in healthcare can be a nightmare for IT departments. In addition, the time to connectivity and sub standard data quality costs healthcare providers millions of dollars in lost revenue every day.
Within the pharmacy space, we solve all of your interfacing needs by shortening your time to project completion and ensuring high quality, consistent delivery of data.

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